Providing visibility

Once you know which archives and collections you have, you can make them visible to third parties. You can op to just publish a number of (top) items, or make the archive available in its entirety. You can do this on your own website or make use of more specialised heritage databases, e.g. Archiefbank Vlaanderen, which lists archives and collections from people and organisations all across Flanders. As an alternative, there are regional heritage or image databases as well.

By registering your archive and collections and making them findable, you enable interested parties to see that you or your organisation have an archive or collection, and what they contain. This makes it useful for research and public consultations, and as a source of inspiration for new creations...

Before you can make your archive and collections visible, you'll need to describe them. You can do this using the tool Describe your archive or collection at the highest level.

Exhibit your archive and collections online

This section looks at the various ways of making your archive and collections findable online. You can opt to use either your own website or a specialised heritage database. Whichever you choose, you...

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