Knowledge about the rights that cover (parts of) your archive or collections is important if you want to reproduce, (re)use or unlock them. As (co-)author or creator of a document or object, you also have copyrights. If you want to reuse or make another author’s work available, you need to respect their copyrights. It’s also important to make clear agreements with third parties when creating new works. Carefully noting down who the rightsholders are at the moment of creation, and what rights cover items in your archive and collections, simplifies reuse at a later date.

In this section, you can read what rights could come into play and how you clarify them when you want to reuse content which you aren’t the (only) rightsholder for. You will also become acquainted with the possibilities of Creative Commons licences and the impact of privacy laws (GDPR) on your archive and collection operations.

Model agreements for freelancer assignments

Model agreements help people and organisations in the cultural field to draw up clear and legally secure agreements with minimum effort and (legal) costs when creating content that’s protected by int...

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Checklist for clearing rights

It’s important to clear the rights for pieces of work in your archive and collections if you want to make them available to the public or reuse them. Clearing rights means establishing if a certain p...

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Creative Commons licence as a solution for the rights issue

== How do Creative Commons licences work?== When choosing a licence, a Creative Commons licensor answers the following questions: Do I want my name to be stated with each use of my work? Are other p...

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GDPR and archive care: what else is possible?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25 May 2018. There were however lots of uncertainties that made this quite a struggle. One thing that this new legislation barely co...

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Types of rights

This tool provides an overview of the various rights that your archive and/or collections can be subject to. You can find more detailed information in the Clearing Rights handbook. Copyright What?...

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