The Letterenhuis is the largest literary archive of Flanders. As the ‘memory of Flemish literature’, it preserves and provides access to archival and documentary heritage from Flemish writers, playwrights and poets, as well as people and organisations active within the world of literature, such as translators, illustrators and publishers.

Correspondence, manuscripts and documents are ideal source materials for historical cultural research, text edition, and biographical and literary history. Visitors can use the Agrippa database to view descriptions of collections online, and request and look up items in the reading room. The Letterenhuis provides a picture of 200 years of Flemish literary history, with fascinating encounters between wordsmiths, readers, poets, publishers and the general public in its exhibitions, activities and lectures.

It also encourages the proper management of literary heritage and, as the largest literary archive of and for Flanders, constantly aims to draw writers’, organisations’ and collectors’ attention to the cultural value and importance of its archives. These stakeholders can also always visit the Letterenhuis for advice regarding archive management and transfers.

Please feel free to contact us: letterenhuis@antwerpen.be!

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