CEMPER is the Centre for Music and Performing Arts Hertiage in Flanders, Belgium.

Our team advises, supports and guides anyone who comes into contact with the heritage of music or the performing arts: from amateurs to professionals, hobbyists to academics, and heirs to collectors. Day after day, we work with you to find the best possible answers to your questions. To achieve this, we draw on studies and best practices to help us combine know-how from Belgium and abroad in practical guides, online platforms and customized advice. CEMPER was set up in 2019 through the merger of Resonant (centre of expertise for musical heritage) and Het Firmament (centre of expertise for performing arts heritage).

You can find tips, practical guides, inspiration and more on our website (www.cemper.be).

Don't hesitate to contact us for tailored advice. You can contact us via contact@cemper.be or +32 15 34 94 36.

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