Centre of expertise in digital heritage


As a centre of expertise, PACKED vzw means to play a central part in Flanders in centring the development of knowledge, experience and expertise regarding digitisation and digital archiving, and in spreading the acquired knowledge, experience and expertise. In this way, the centre of expertise means to improve and guard the quality and efficiency of actions in regard to digitisation and digital archiving within the broader field of cultural heritage.


PACKED vzw has grown from a platform organisation for the archiving and preservation of audiovisual arts into a centre of expertise for digital cultural heritage. On the website you will find information on the creation, cataloguing, storage, distribution and exchange processes for digital heritage sources, as well as on the archiving and preservation of audiovisual arts. It also offers a service of simple and accessible advice.

Since February 2010, CEST stands for 'Cultureel ErfgoedStandaarden Toolbox' (Cultural Heritage Standards Toolbox), a project with the purpose of helping Flemish cultural heritage institutions select the right standards for the creation, management and dissemination of digital collections. The CEST website is only available in Dutch. For more information, visit www.projectCEST.be.

SCART is the name of a website with the purpose of helping Flemish cultural heritage institutions in preserving their audiovisual heritage. More information can be found on scart.be.


PACKED vzw - Centre of Expertise in Digital Heritage
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