Amsab-Institute of Social History (Amsab-ISH) is the heritage centre of progressive social movements, and humanitarian and ecological movements. It collects and preserves tangible and intangible heritage assets relating to a wide range of issues such as labour, socialism, communism, social emancipation, poverty, ecology, North-South relations, migration, human rights, gender, gay and lesbian rights, peace and free thinking.

Amsab-ISH holds archives, newspapers and periodicals, letters, posters, photographs, films, books, postcards, etc, from organizations addressing these issues and persons who took  or take an active interest in them. Its collections contain, among other things, archival records and documents from Amnesty International, Oxfam, Greenpeace, 11.11.11 (fundraising campaign for the Third World), sp.a (Flemish Socialist Party) and Groen (Flemish Green Party).

Amsab-ISH provides access to these collections and subsequently sets up projects aimed at the wider public. It promotes and facilitates scientific research and engages in national and international scientific debates. It runs scientific projects and workshops, and provides guidance for dissertations and doctorates. In addition, Amsab-ISH stages exhibitions and publishes Brood & Rozen (Bread and Roses), along with several popular science publications devoted to social history.

It is a knowledge and research centre which provides and disseminates expertise to the wider heritage community, while sharing it with sister institutions both in Belgium and abroad.


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