04 September 2015

In connection with TRACKS, PACKED vzw will organize a free workshop on sustainable digital preservation for artists and arts organizations. In preparation of the workshop, PACKED vzw started to make an overview of the iMAL archive with the help of a volunteer.

Workshop: 29/10

  • TRACKS-workshop (Bert Lemmens and Sanne Van Bellingen)

In the morning we will focus both on the challenges that you have to address when you want to preserve digital documents and other files on the short and the long-term and on which strategies you can thereby follow. We talk about the basic principles for a durable digital archiving process. What does digital mean? What does sustainable mean? And what is sustainable digital archiving?

  • Ben Fino-Radin

Ben Fino-Radin is a museum professional specializing in the preservation of digital contemporary art and cultural heritage. At the Museum of Modern Art Ben serves as Digital Repository Manager in the department of conservation, and also serves as an Adjunct Professor in NYU's Moving Image Archiving and Preservation program. Ben Fino-Radin will present some consulting work he has been doing for digital artists like Jodi, Cory Arcangel, Rafael Rozendaal, and Laurie Spiegel. Based on specific preservation and access needs and budget of these artists he has developed different recommendations on storage infrastructure, public facing site, good inventory practice for their archive as well as for ensuring it remains intact and in ideal condition before being acquired by an institution.

  • Digital architecture archives (Henk Vanstappen and Wim Lowet)


Computers play an increasingly important role in architectural practice. The number of projects that are designed digitally is escalating and, as a result, there is an urgent need to develop a strategy specifically tailored to the long-term preservation of digital architectural archives. The CVAa has joined forces with the VAi in order to formulate possible solutions. One of the fases, in collaboration with Henk Vanstappen, was the research of the creation and the preservation of digital archival records within architectural firms. As a pilot case they researched the archive of Martine De Maeseneer Architects.

  • Cinéma Nova (Nastasia Vanderperren)

Cinéma Nova is an alternative movie theatre completely managed by volunteers. Since its start in 1997 they have collected a large amount of both VHS and other video tapes, and DVDs. They also publish monthly program brochures and its administrative archive continues growing. In 2014-2015, the organisation took over the films of the ABC Cinema and saved a part of the ABC archive.

Together with PACKED vzw, Nova tries to tackle its archive. First priorities are the digitisation of the pogram brochures for online acces, digitisation of VHS cassettes for internal use and the inventarisation and preservation of the ABC archive.

  • iMAL (Sanne Van Bellingen)

Sarah al Dabaghy started in September as a volunteer at iMAL to make an overview of the archive and the collection. Together with Sanne Van Bellingen (PACKED vzw) she talks about how she does this. What are the results and what are the next actions that iMAL can perform?

  • FAQ & Questions

At the end of the day we will discuss your questions and archiving problems and we will look for scenarios to solve them. We will also discuss the common bottlenecks for artists and arts organisations. There will also be a possibility to ask questions about the case studies.

The worksop is free. Please subcribe by mailing to sanne@packed.be

29/10, 10-17u

iMAL, Quai des Charbonnages / Koolmijnenkaai 30, Bruxelles / Brussel

Language: English

International symposium: 30-31/10

Further to their collaborative program on Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age which started beginning of 2015, iMAL and PACKED vzw organise the first international symposium in Brussels on the issues of preservation of born-digital art and culture and of their public access.

This symposium proposes to share with professionals from the broad cultural and artistic sector the views, practice, vision and experience of some of the most advanced professionals working in the fields of conservation and access to digital culture. During these two days, state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies will be presented and discussed. The symposium offers a unique panel of thinkers and doers, archivists, curators, media theorists & artists, conservators and researchers from Europe and the US working in universities, research labs, art organisations and heritage institutions.

With: Erkki Huhtamo (FI), Baruch Gottlieb & Philipp Tögel (DE, Vilem Flusser Archive), Emmanuel Guez (FR, pamal.org), Gaby Wijers (NL, Lima), Valérie Perrin (FR, Espace Gantner), Jon Ippolito (US, re-collection), Ben Fino-Radin (US, MoMA), John Langdon & Anna Henry (UK, Tate Modern), Céline Thomas & Chu Yin Chen (FR, BnF - Univ.Paris 8), Geoffrey Brown (US, indiana.edu), Clarisse Bardiot (FR/BE,rekall.fr), Olia Lialina (DE), Dragan Espenschied (US/DE, Rhizome.org), Klaus Rechert (DE,Univ.Freiburg - bwFLA), Jason Scott (US, Internet Arcade - archive.org).

Register online (you also have the possibility to order a lunch)


You can find the detailled progam on: http://www.imal.org/nl/preservationsymposium/programme

Friday 30 October: 09:00 – 18:00

Saturday 31 October: 09:00 – 17:00

Language: mostly English