02 May 2018

LIMA, the international platform for sustainable access to media art in Amsterdam, developed the The Artwork Documentation Tool. With this tool, LIMA aims to support artists in archiving their own work. This tool is suitable for all artists working in the realm of born-digital art, in particular those building complex software-based installations, and is freely accessible through the LIMA website: http://li-ma.nl/adt

LIMA introduces the tool as following:

"Dear Artists, if you'd like to be more in control of the future presentation of your artworks, this tool gives you guidelines to do just that. We know that documenting and preserving your work is not easily done, or is complicated by competing requirements of your time and resources. For these reasons and more, LIMA created this Artwork Documentation Tool to empower you and other artists to feel in control of documenting your own artworks so you'll be able to show them now and in the future. The tool is free to use and offers a series of steps and tasks to support you in gathering and documenting information about your artworks and also acts as a place to store this. The information you bring together will contribute greatly to your own personal knowledge of your practice and will also help you more easily offer your work for exhibition, acquisition and purchase to interested galleries, museums and collectors.

The tool is geared towards artists who create complex, software-based installations (which could also be interactive). However, if you're an artist working with digital media in a performance or installation capacity, this tool could also be used by you. Just explore and answer what's relevant. The tool is open to artists who are in the process of creating new works, or who would like to go back and document older works."

The tool focuses on what you as an artist might need in order to be able to document and preserve your own works for presenting them now and in the future. It is designed as an easy-to-use tool with a clear set of steps and related tasks. This is all housed and saved in your own personal account on the Artwork Documentation Tool platform, allowing you to start, stop and return so you can chip away at this documentation over time.

The tool is free to use, and requires few or no extra costs, except your time. The questions and tasks cover the minimum guidelines necessary for an artist to have a good documentation of their work.