05 April 2018

For the third year in a row, STUK and KU Leuven (Cultural Studies) organise a multifaceted series of classes on contemporary dance. This year, the theme of transmission is the red thread running throughout this series. How is transmission organised within a volatile, immaterial artform? What, for example, is the impact of digitisation on the archive and repertoire? In the context of this course, a number of guest lectures will take place with experts from this field of practice. The series ends with an in-depth symposium in which a number of prominent, international speakers will offer their expertise on the theory of transmission. Both the guest lectures and the symposium take place in STUK and are open to the public. Lectures are held in English.

In the symposium Moving Movement: Dance and Transmission we want to explore how dance today survives and even anticipates its after-life in rapidly developing transmedial and digital environments. Dance in all its forms has adapted to and benefited from various technologies, but at the same time, transmission also transforms and redefines the meaning of dance. In 1992 Kenneth King predicted how dance and computers would become unlikely partners:

"With the computer age there will be dancing words, kinetic grammars, information channels, conceptual continua, data process services, synchromimetic teletexts and electric dance mosaics."

More than a quarter century later, we want to take stock of the eruption of dance into 'the digital age'. How is movement being kept in motion by the current transmedial generation? During an interactive, open symposium that welcomes theorists, dance professionals, students and dance lovers, we want to open up and bring together different perspectives on dance and transmission. How is dance both an informational system and as embodied practice? What are effects of storing and transmitting of dance in digital archives? How are techniques and repertoires passed on to future generations? What about the transmission of affects and ideas in the world of dance?

The symposium is a collaboration between STUK and Cultural Studies (KU Leuven) in the frame of the course Theory of contemporary dance. The program has been curated by Prof. Anneleen Masschelein, Jonas Rutgeerts and Arne Vanraes.

The lectures preceding the symposium are:

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