05 April 2018

Ludwig Museum celebrates the Media Art Preservation project in 2018 with a two day MAPS2018 workshop on June 4-5. Continuing the work revolved around the conversation and the preservation of media art, started in 2015, involving international conservators, art historians, and experts.

Over the past years, the Ludwig museum has made a considerable effort to provide preservation and collection care for its most vulnerable works, such as photo, video, film and digital art. The collection includes more than 200 pieces of media and digital art, from the early 1990's up to the present.

The rapid aging and changing of technology is accepted as a part of life today. In comparison to older technology, such as VHS tapes, the deterioration of digital content happens at an even faster rate, therefore their long-term preservation creates a constant challenge.

Long-term collaboration between international conservators, curators, and professionals of Ludwig Museum is essential to building an effective digital preservation strategy. Through digital projects, our aim is to create awareness of the importance of preserving art, in order to support culture and to promote a dialogue between professionals.


  • Ludwig Museum has organised two international conferences focussing on the conservation of media artworks (MAPS 2015, MAPS 2017)
  • The Museum has transferred to a new database system (MuseumPlusRIA)
  • The Museum especially aims to create a Conservation Methodology Centre specialising in the preservation of media artworks
  • A Public Collection digitalisation strategy is being developed
  • After university there is no further opportunity for professional training in the Hungarian museum field
  • There are constantly new challenges emerging in the cultural environment, on which the changing of digital technology has an effect on
  • There is no current training focussed on contemporary conservation and preservation of media artworks in the central European region
  • Museums create independent digital content, as having an internet presence is essential in order to attract visitors into the exhibitions.

Confirmed speakers, tickets (€40) and more practical info can be found on http://maps2018.ludwigmuseum.hu/en/.