Symposium 'Transformation Digital Art' 2024 on March 21-22

Transformation Digital Art 2024 is LI-MA's annual international symposium on the preservation of digital art. This year Li-ma organises a two-day symposium in Rotterdam en Amsterdam. Info and ticket...

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Transformation Digital Art 2021 (online, March 24-26)

Transformation Digital Art symposium is designed as an opportunity to share best practices concerning both artist-led and institutional strategies geared towards the future presentation of born-digi...

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Sharpen your thinking with the webinar series 'To imagine otherwise: future archives'

The digital transformation of our society has an enormous impact on the nature and form of information. Art, too, is increasingly taking on non-tangible forms. The preservation of art is a major cha...

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Performing arts venues as archives: how to fill in the blank?

During the pandemic many theatres and performing arts venues started their own streaming of mostly current, but also historic productions of their houses. They thus moved into the light of attention...

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Call for artists for the project "Angles: Reappropriating Missionary Audiovisual Archives from Colonial Contexts"

KADOC is a cultural archive affiliated with the University of Leuven (KU Leuven, Belgium) that, amongst many other collections, holds an extensive collection of audiovisual archives that have emerged...

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