Identical duplicates and versions with no added value should be removed from the archive and/or collection.

Why remove them?

By removing surplus material you make it easier to arrange and access the remaining documents and objects. It can also save money. Preserving physical or digital archives and collections is after all an expensive business. Take, for example, the cost of warehousing, packaging materials, server space and hard disks. For digital documents and objects in particular there is an overgrowth of different versions of one document. So come to an agreement about which versions are to be kept.


Duplicates can be removed retroactively, but it is easier and less time-consuming to integrate their removal into daily activities. 


You can read about which versions and duplicates to remove, and how, in the tool Verwijder dubbels en versies zonder toegevoegde waarde (only in Dutch). You can read about how to trace duplicates and clean up digital filing for your digital archive in the tool Opschonen van het digitaal archief (only in Dutch).


  • Identical duplicates and versions with no added value are removed from the physical and digital archive and/or collection.