You can make it easy for people to find your archive and/or collection by, for example, registering it at the highest, most general level in specialised online databases such as Archiefbank Vlaanderen. There are also databases in which details about components, individual documents and objects from your archive and/or collection can be included.

Why should you make it easy to find?

By registering your archive and/or collection and making it easy to find, interested parties can see that you or your organisation has an archive and/or collection and they can see what is in it.


Before showing your archive and/or collection, it is best to draft an initial description. You can do this using the following tool Maak een beschrijving (only in Dutch).


You can find help with registering your archive with Archiefbank Vlaanderen in this tool: Registreren in Archiefbank Vlaanderen (only in Dutch).


  • Your archive and/or collection can be found at least at the collection level.