There is a rich and diverse cultural heritage and arts scene in Flanders and Brussels. Many organisations have specific knowledge and expertise. To ensure good archive and/or collection preservation, it is important to know where to get help with a specific question about management, storage or display.


Under 'Organisations' you will find all the organisations listed according to the kind of support they can offer you.

In Flanders there are numerous centres of expertise that you can contact for specific help in managing your art heritage: 

There are also support associations for various art disciplines: 

For museums and cultural archives you can contact the following for various kinds of support:

Various authorities offer both support regarding content and financial support:

On the Faro Erfgoedkaart you will find all the heritage organisations in Flanders and Brussels. Here you can see which organisations are situated in your area.


  • You know where to go when you have questions about help and support in the area of archive and/or collection preservation.
  • When establishing a policy and vision around archive and/or collection, you can take into account the expertise centres that will offer help.