What are objectives and actions?

Objectives can take many forms. They can be related to future activities for which the archive or collection will be used, but also to actions in the area of archive and/or collection preservation itself.

Put them down in writing in the action and policy plans of your arts organisation.

Artists who do not belong to an organisation can establish objectives and actions on archive and/or collection preservation by including them in their plans.


By recording objectives and actions in policy and action plans, archive and/or collection preservation becomes more firmly embedded in the operational activities of the arts organisation. Archive and/or collection preservation improves working procedures: they become more transparent and documents or objects can be more easily traced.

The written recording of objectives and actions also puts you in a better position to check whether your objectives are being met and where adjustments may be necessary. If they are included in policy documents, this helps in the development of a long-term vision for archive and/or collection preservation which is carried through the whole arts organisation.


Objectives and actions are re-established each time action and policy plans are drawn up.

For the active implementation of archive and/or collection preservation, it is important that your arts organisation lays down the actions to be carried out in action plans and that individual artists include these in their scheduling.

Prior knowledge: Survey your archive and/or collection


An overview of possible objectives and how other arts organisations and artists approach this can be found in Mogelijke doelstellingen omtrent archief- en collectiezorg (only in Dutch).


  • The established vision on archive and/or collection preservation gives rise to objectives and actions; see guideline Create a vision around the archive and/or collection(s)
  • Arts organisations include both long- and short-term objectives and actions in action and policy plans.
  • Time and resources are made available for the implementation of objectives and actions.
  • Individual artists can draw up a schedule for their archive and/or collection preservation. This gives rise to agreements with colleagues and other parties involved.