If you have views on archive and/or collection preservation, you can show what you as an artist or organisation want to do and achieve by the preservation of your archive and/or collection. It helps to know first of all what is in your archive, so that you can then formulate ambitions for the longer term.

Archive and/or collection preservation starts from the idea that archives and collections are in a good, ordered and accessible state. This means that documents and objects are managed in such a way that their reliability, authenticity, integrity and usability are assured. This is the basis for developing a vision of archive and/or collection preservation.

Your archive and/or collection consist of administrative and business documents (e.g. contracts and subsidy files), creative documents and objects (e.g. sketches, models and photos) or collections (e.g. books and journals) that are the result of the work and activities of an artist or arts organisation, both in physical and digital form. 

Why create a vision?

The development of a vision of archive and/or collection preservation gives you a starting point from which to extract objectives and actions. 


The development of a vision on the management of your archive and/or collection begins by knowing what your archive and/or collection are or could be.

Prior knowledge: Survey your archive and/or collection


  • You have developed your own vision of your archive and/or collection. This forms the basis for further objectives and actions which at the very least are related to the good, ordered and accessible state of your archive and/or collection.