TRACKS is designed like a suitcase that contains the tools artists and arts organisations need for the preservation of their own archive and/or collection(s).


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In the spotlight

Archive Ugo Dehaes classified and repacked.

In the context of a work placement at Het Firmament (now CEMPER) for the Postgraduate course in Archiving: Heritage Management and Modern Document Management at the VUB in Brussels, a study was carr...

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Caring for scenery models in De Munt/ La Monnaie

In 2010 the De Munt archive included around 50 scenery models and is still growing today. As a result, the De Munt archive unit developed a clear procedure for creating (with the aim of proper prese...

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Cleaning up an archive with Tristero

This practical example illustrates how a clean-up day was organised for the physical archive at the Brussels theatre company Tristero, in order to make it more accessible and more user-friendly, and ...

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Capturing data from 3.5-inch diskettes for House for Electronics Arts (HeK)

In May 2018, HeK (House for Electronic Arts)[1] asked PACKED vzw to capture data from its 3.5-inch diskettes. This data was the digital art works Raoul A. Pictor cherche son style (1993)[2] by Hervé...

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Capturing data from Opera Ballet Vlaanderen’s outdated carriers

In the summer of 2017, PACKED vzw attempted to retrieve data from Opera Ballet Vlaanderen’s collection of outdated carriers: CD-Rs, CD-RWs, Zip drives, SyQuests and magneto-optical drives. Read here...

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TRACKS is a collaboration between these partners: