TRACKS is designed like a suitcase that contains the tools artists and arts organisations need for the preservation of their own archive and/or collection(s).


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In the spotlight

Symposium 'Transformation Digital Art' 2024 on March 21-22

Transformation Digital Art 2024 is LI-MA's annual international symposium on the preservation of digital art. This year Li-ma organises a two-day symposium in Rotterdam en Amsterdam. Info and ticket...

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Transformation Digital Art 2021 (online, March 24-26)

Transformation Digital Art symposium is designed as an opportunity to share best practices concerning both artist-led and institutional strategies geared towards the future presentation of born-digi...

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What are colour profiles?

TRACKS and other knowledge platforms recommend saving the colours in your files in the eciRGB_v2colour profile (or AdobeRGB if necessary). This article is for anyone who wants to know the finer deta...

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Archiving websites: how and why?

Your organisation may have changed its website, or the content of the website may have been significantly modified, but the old version of your website can have historical value, so it makes sense t...

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Mapping your digital archive risks

When managing your digital archive, there are specific risks that can endanger your information. Mapping these risks can help you to act in time and avoid unwelcome surprises. In this article, you’l...

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