TRACKS is designed like a suitcase that contains the tools artists and arts organisations need for the preservation of their own archive and/or collection(s).


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In the spotlight

Archive Ugo Dehaes classified and repacked.

In the context of a work placement at Het Firmament (now CEMPER) for the Postgraduate course in Archiving: Heritage Management and Modern Document Management at the VUB in Brussels, a study was carr...

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Caring for scenery models in De Munt/ La Monnaie

In 2010 the De Munt archive included around 50 scenery models and is still growing today. As a result, the De Munt archive unit developed a clear procedure for creating (with the aim of proper prese...

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Model agreements for freelancer assignments

Model agreements help people and organisations in the cultural field to draw up clear and legally secure agreements with minimum effort and (legal) costs when creating content that’s protected by int...

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Cleaning up an archive with Tristero

This practical example illustrates how a clean-up day was organised for the physical archive at the Brussels theatre company Tristero, in order to make it more accessible and more user-friendly, and ...

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Capturing data from 3.5-inch diskettes for House for Electronics Arts (HeK)

In May 2018, HeK (House for Electronic Arts)[1] asked PACKED vzw to capture data from its 3.5-inch diskettes. This data was the digital art works Raoul A. Pictor cherche son style (1993)[2] by Hervé...

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TRACKS is a collaboration between these partners: