TRACKS is designed like a suitcase that contains the tools artists and arts organisations need for the preservation of their own archive and/or collection(s).


In the spotlight

Sharpen your thinking with the webinar series 'To imagine otherwise: future archives'

De digitale transformatie van onze samenleving heeft een enorme impact op de aard en vorm van informatie. Ook kunst neemt hierbij steeds vaker niet-tastbare vormen aan. Anno 2021 vormt de bewaring ...

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Archiefdoorlichting muziek- en podiumkunstenorganisatie najaar 2021

CEMPER en meemoo beëindigden op 26 oktober 2021 weer een archiefdoorlichtingstraject van acht kunstenorganisaties waarvan vier muziekorganisaties en vier podiumorganisaties. Lees het volledig verslag...

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Drawing up installation plans for the sculptures of Bern Lohaus

How do you ensure that objects, works (of art or other) or sets are correctly installed in the future without always having to personally oversee the process? The aim of this pilot project was to fin...

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Safeguarding Opera Ballet Vlaanderen’s films and magnetic tapes affected by vinegar syndrome

After making an inventory of audiovisual and digital archives in the performing arts sector, we came across a box containing film stock with a vinegar-like odour in the archive at Opera Ballet Vlaand...

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A knowledge securement project at Netwerk

By tapping into Artistic Director Paul Lagring’s memory, Netwerk checked whether any essential information was missing from its archive. Interviews were conducted, and the conclusions drawn from them...

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TRACKS is a collaboration between these partners: