TRACKS is designed like a suitcase that contains the tools artists and arts organisations need for the preservation of their own archive and/or collection(s).


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In the spotlight

Wikimedia platforms provide access to and enrich DE SINGEL’s archive

DE SINGEL arts centre opened in 1980 and has built up a rich archive over the past few decades, which continues to grow to this day. Many internationally renowned and lesser known (but not insignifi...

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Validating TIFF files with DPF Manager

The process for validating file formats verifies whether a digital file's contents and structure satisfy the requirements set for that file format's specification. DPF Manager is a particularly user-...

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Digitising Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven's slides

In 2014, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven wanted to use slides of her installations and artistic images for a book – and the slides had to be digitised for this. PACKED (now meemoo) helped her to find a suita...

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Sharpen your thinking with the webinar series 'To imagine otherwise: future archives'

The digital transformation of our society has an enormous impact on the nature and form of information. Art, too, is increasingly taking on non-tangible forms. The preservation of art is a major cha...

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Drawing up installation plans for the sculptures of Bern Lohaus

How do you ensure that objects, works (of art or other) or sets are correctly installed in the future without always having to personally oversee the process? The aim of this pilot project was to fin...

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TRACKS is a collaboration between these partners: