TRACKS is designed like a suitcase that contains the tools artists and arts organisations need for the preservation of their own archive and/or collection(s).


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In the spotlight

Archive and collection management objectives

In order to determine objectives and associated actions, it’s first necessary to have a good overview of your archive and/or collections. (You can find more information about this in the Classify yo...

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Safeguarding knowledge

What does it mean? Experienced employees take a lot of knowledge and skill with them when they leave your organisation. ‘Safeguarding knowledge’ means passing this expertise on to colleagues. ‘Know...

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Overcoming obstacles

You might be extremely enthusiastic about caring for your archive and collections, but there are still a number of obstacles that could prevent you from getting stuck in. The main stumbling blocks ar...

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Responsibilities and agreements

Archive and collection management is the responsibility of everyone who is actively involved with the organisation. Make sure this is a shared responsibility for all (internal and external) employees...

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Valuation entails checking the value of a particular document, dossier, object or series of archive items. The process of choosing whether to store or destroy this item, and then implementing this de...

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TRACKS is a collaboration between these partners: